Why Hire a Wedding Planner or Coordinator?

I was reluctant to compose this post since as a wedding planner I do not wish to sound prejudiced or to come across like a sales pitch, BUT after hearing a scary story from a current wedding without a planner and having a possible customer choose not to work with a wedding planner at all and “trust the on-site catering supervisor,” I recognized that it is required to notify couples on the SIGNIFICANCE OF A WEDDING PLANNER!

Last weekend a pal of mine went to a wedding (without planner) where the hotel handed out the bride & groom’s wedding night ‘honeymoon suite’ due to the fact that the hotel was overbooked and the couple had not signed in (considering that they didn’t have time prior to the event). After the reception ended the couple went to sign in and the hotel notified them that they handed out their space, were offered out and there was absolutely nothing more the hotel might do! The couple wound up owning 45 minutes back to their house at 3am the night of their wedding since they had no location to go! If they had a wedding planner, this would not have actually occurred.

There are numerous wedding scary stories, however among the very best posts I have actually checked out is by wedding professional Leila Khalil of Be Inspired PR. She states a series the catastrophes that took place at one wedding all in the exact same night: Please Hire A Wedding Planner. Her finest piece of suggestions: “You get exactly what you spend for! SO when you do not spend for a buddy who is assisting you out as your “day of stand in organizer” OR you discover one that is just a couple hundred dollars … think exactly what- it might not be that excellent of a result … There is a big distinction in between a place organizer and a genuine wedding planner.” [Update (11/17/11): Also have a look at Leila’s post in the Huffington Post called “Hire a Wedding Planner … otherwise”]
Exactly what is the distinction in between a “wedding planner” and “wedding organizer”?

A wedding planner and wedding planner are basically the exact same thing, the distinction is in between the function of a “day-of organizer” and a planner.

A day-of organizer typically starts services near wedding date and after the couple has actually worked with all their suppliers and place. Her function is to be in charge of the real wedding by handling all the information that the couple have actually invested months preparing to make sure that whatever comes together in the end precisely as the couple envisioned. A planner enables the couple, wedding celebration and visitors to enjoy their big day without the tension. Think about a “day-of organizer” as a basic professional or a symphony conductor.

A wedding planner exceeds simply the day-of the wedding. A planner will deal with the couple for approximately a year prior to the wedding day assisting with whatever from style development, budget plan management, stationary/invitations, supplier reservation and ideas, and agreement settlement or evaluation together with collaborating whatever the day of the wedding. A wedding planner exists to assist decrease tension by handling and arranging all the information from start to end up. This is a terrific choice for couples that desire guarantee that they are working with trustworthy suppliers and getting the most for their budget plan or have requiring hectic way of lives and schedules.

A wedding planner is there for YOU. It’s YOUR day and YOU are worthy of the very best! A planner will not deciding for you or remove the enjoyable of preparation, however she will exist to assist you make notified choices and to guarantee that your plan is carried out appropriately.

I do not require a wedding planner since … … I cannot manage a planner. It’s simply not in my budget plan ~ Think about the quantity of loan you assign to feeding your visitors, employing the professional photographer to take the ideal pictures, choosing a DJ that will get the celebration began, yet couples have the tendency to cut corners when it pertains to employing a planner that will manage the entire day! It’s like having a cars and truck and all the travelers however no motorist (or GPS)! So why stop at employing the planner. In truth a planner can SAVE YOU MONEY & TIME! Coordinators have relationships with suppliers and places considering that they deal with numerous wedding events not simply one, so they can offer you economies of scale. They can likewise assist you assembled a practical spending plan. In the end the cash and time conserved may be higher than the expense of the planner, so you generally got the planner totally free!

… I have friends and family who have actually offered to assist me day-of. It needs to be great! ~ While this is a great gesture, unless your relative is an expert occasion planner, I’m quite sure it will not be great. They are your visitors and need to not be dealing with your wedding. They will be so preoccupied with mingling, consuming a little excessive champagne, ooh’ing and ahh’ing over how stunning you look, taking numerous images, and not concentrated on the crucial information that make the occasion run efficiently. They will not be notified on crucial choices (i.e. informing the catering supervisor that although the bar tab has actually been surpass you firmly insist the couple stated its fine to keep it open, leaving the couple with a couple of thousand dollars more to pay).

… The place planner & catering supervisor ensured me that I do not have to work with a planner since they can manage it. ~ All I need to state reads Leila’s short article above. The bottom line: place organizers exist due to the fact that they are worked with by the location to keep and handle the place just (i.e. food, leasings, personnel, and so on.). They work for the place and not for you. Their primary objective is to guarantee the center runs efficiently. So if you get here and all your flower plans are incorrect and the visitors cannot determine where they are expected to sit, do not take a look at the place organizer to assist you out since they will not have any concept on exactly what you desired.

… Shouldn’t the suppliers have the ability to handle themselves given that they work wedding events all the time? ~ According to feedback from suppliers I have actually dealt with, I have actually heard more times than not, there is a big distinction in between a wedding with a planner vs. one without/ with a place organizer. Not just are the completing touches and style typically much better however likewise the circulation of the occasion and interaction in between the celebrations (i.e. the professional photographer will be all set for pictures and not out in the mixed drink location when the DJ plays the tune for the Grand Entrance due to the fact that the organizer will have provided both a caution). Although it’s your day, consider the suppliers you have actually employed. Exactly what will assist make both your lives and their lives much easier? A wedding planner!

… I check out all the publications and blog sites. I have all the resources I require. I do not desire a wedding planner to eliminate the enjoyable of preparing my wedding! ~ When you initially get engaged, wedding preparation is a novelty. You purchase every publication and bookmark every blog site out there to assist plan your special day. Nevertheless, with numerous wedding blog sites, publications, professional photographers, videographers, places, and so on. it can get frustrating and difficult attempting to limit who/what is the very best suitable for your design, budget plan and requirements. When the wedding comes the couple is so worn with choices that the procedure is not enjoyable. Wedding coordinators do this every day will assist bring you the resources that finest fit your have to that you can ENJOY the preparation procedure up until completion! They are informed and educated in all things wedding related from rules to obtaining a marital relationship license and are a big available resource!

… My household & good friends wish to assist me with the preparation procedure ~ Except when your future mother-in-law has an entirely various vision for her kid’s wedding and your bro firmly insists that his heavy metal band play an assortment at your reception and your moms and dads choose to welcome all their good friends as if it was their celebration. Believe “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” You require a MEDIATOR. A planner is an excellent third-party arbitrator in difficult household scenarios. It is difficult to please everybody; nevertheless, a minimum of a planner can offer an objective viewpoint to assist browse issues.